Delightfully Dutch!

Welcome to the Zaanse Golf Club and its course, a living illustration of Dutch history. The Wijdewormer, where the course is situated, used to be a lake drained in 1626 by numerous windmills. The newly created polder is lying 13 feet below sea level.

The holes of the “old nine” ring a deep central lake, caused by a breach of the dyke during the flood of 1825. Still visible are the remnants of the outdoor swimming pool that existed here before the golf course was constructed.
Even the whales in our club’s logo refer to the rich history of the region.

Designed by Gerard Jol and extended to 18 holes in 2008, the Zaanse poses a special challenge whenever the wind is blowing from the southwest. This is particularly true for the second hole, a Par 3 that is commonly regarded as one of the toughest in Europe.
5 teeing grounds are situated on top of the massive ring dyke, offering both interesting elevation differences and imposing views.

A challenge for both beginners and experienced players, the Zaanse is delightfully Dutch.



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Group reservations

If you want to come and play golf with a group (10 or more people), you are kindly requested to contact us by phone +31 619927797 or e-mail

Beginners, advanced players and expatriates
The Zaanse Golf Club offers both beginners and advanced golfers a good opportunity to get acquainted with the club, the course and the unique atmosphere of our clubhouse.

You can become a 'proeflid' (temporary member) during 6 months and make use of all of the facilities, including participating in competitions. For novice golfers, this trial membership even includes group classes and the (NGF/EGA) golf license exam. 

Anxious to find out what arrangement would best fit your needs?
Please get in touch with our secretariat and call +31 299 438 199, ext. 3 or send an e-mail message to:>>.